Industries In Uttarakhand

In recent years, Uttarakhand has emerged as one of the most attractive industrial destinations in India. The government is encouraging private participation in all industrial activities and as a result big players such as HLL and Dabur have set up units in the state. The New Industrial Policy announced in 2003 by the state government puts in place the regulatory framework for Uttarakhand's industrialisation. The New Industrial Policy indicates that private resources may be tapped while promoting integrated Industrial Estates in Uttarakhand.

State Uttarakhand is a land of scenic beauty, temples, lakes, mountains, glaciers and green lush meadows. Therefore the main industry of this state is tourism industry and it had almost 80% of U.P.'s tourism centres in it before it became a separate state. But the tourism industry of Uttarakhand is legging behind in the lack of good infrastructure and facilities. The govt. has also not given proper attention to this sector. We hope the state Govt. will take appropriate action to boost this sector and one day Uttarakhand will become a major tourist destination in all over India. Although some other revenue earning sectors of state Uttarakhand are:

Industrial sector
Agricultural Sector
Tourism Industry
  • Sugar Mills
  • Cloth Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Flour and Rice Mills
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mentha Oil Units
  • Stone Rolling Mills
  • Dairy Products
  • Production Of Rice And Wheat
  • Fish Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Floriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Pickle and Sauce Industry
  • Hotel Industry
  • Traveling Agency etc.
  • All Hospitality Related Business

Uttarakhand State has come into being at a time when its extraordinally well-placed to benefit from the new information economy as it is able to play by the rules of the new era and is responsive to the demands of the global services economy, which when it seeks the best locations for itself looks for several factors. if a clean and pollution-free environment is going to serve as a competitive advantage it stands to reason that the new state will do everything it can to promote it. this might include a programme to encourage cleaner, environment-friendly transportation systems and efforts at large scale afforestation.

Uttarakhand is 27th State (Birth November 9, 2000). It covers an area of about 54483 Sq Kms. The State has population of 84.809 approx. The literacy rate is 72% . The city is beautifully surrounded with 70% land under forest. The GDP is INR 126593.3 Millions. The NDP is INR 113420 Millions. The state has an unique Ecosystems diverse Flora and Fauna ,Sanctuaries, Wildlife Parks etc. There are roughly 56 banks with 1036 branches.